NWR but party invite RSVP question

I am throwing a surprise dinner for my husband Tuesday.  Today is the day where I finalize everything and I am waiting on RSVP from one couple. They had told me they are waiting on his work schedule last week.  The thing is I am already paying for 20 people no matter what so their RSVP doesn't really change my finally payment.  It only changes the number of plates and chairs.  The restaurant has already said it wouldn't be an issue because the dinner is family style.

Is there a nice way to tell the couple to come even if last minute they are able to because everything is already paid for but without it sounding I have to pay for their plates even if they don't come?

I just really want them to come and I don't want them to think that me not having an RSVP means they can't come.

I hope that made sense.
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Re: NWR but party invite RSVP question

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    Why don't you give them a call and ask if they know yet whether or not they can make it?  If they still don't know, then tell them they are welcome, even at the last minute, but to please let you know so that the restaurant can be set up for the correct number of people.
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