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I am making my invites with the help of my very awesome friend.  Our wedding does not have a theme, per se, but we did want to add some old world charm to it as the venue is a historic building with lots of wood and antique accents.

The invitations are a simple flat card, a direction card, and an RSVP postcard, all tied together with twine and placed in an envelope.  We are including a small 4x6 engagement picture of both of us in the invitation bundle, and I'm wondering if that should be considered our favors, or if we should do something else at the actual wedding. 

What do you guys think? 

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    A favor is usually given out at the wedding, so I don't think you can consider this a favor.  But here's the good news -- favors aren't required at all, so you don't need to do anything else.  If you do decide you want to give out a favor, edible is usually best.

  • Ehhh, a photo of the two of you really isn't a favor.  Nor does it seem right sent with an invitation.  The only time I've seen an engagement photo is when it's sent as a STD.
  • I agree that the invite probably isn't the best place for a photo. On an STD or a thank you card is fine. But not in the invite. Unless it's actually PRINTED ON the invite. I'm assuming you are talking a separate photo, yes?
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    Yes it's a seperate photo.  If we decide it's in our budget we are planning on given a small mix of Jordan almonds and peanut M&M's (I'm from Jordan, and he loves peanut M&Ms).

    So the pic in the invite is not a good idea?  We already sent out the save the date cards, so that's not an option...I just wanted to add a personal memento of us, especially since most of the guests are his family, who are either from out of town or live in different areas of Texas...

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    I personally don't really like receiving photos of that kind unless I asked for them.  My cousin included photos in their luggage tags.  Not even sure what I did with it, but it's the kind of thing you don't want to throw away but you don't really want to display.  I mean, maybe your closer family and friends want it, but does your mom's cousin want it?  Who knows.  It just comes off as a little presumptious in my opinion.  

    I would scrap whatever $$ you were going to spend on the photos and come up with something else for the favor.  

    Edit:  also, I did do the photos on our TYs, and that was fine because TYs are commonly thrown away, but if people wanted to keep it they could.  We worked that out to get a photo from the photog ASAP and ordered photo cards from shutterfly, and had them out within a month or so  I just think most people feel bad throwing away a nicely printed photo - like if you're getting it printed at the studio.  
  • I think your favor idea (Jordan almonds and M&Ms) is perfect.  I'd have your thank yous printed with a picture or two of both of you from the wedding.
  • Thanks ladies!!  I definitely have more thinking to do!
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