Turtle Favors?

  My fiance has been really into turtles since he was little (we currently keep 12), and I'd love to incorporate some kind of turtle theme in our reception. So far, I've seen placecard holders and tea-light holders, but not much else.
  Any suggestions?

Re: Turtle Favors?

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    How about the candy "turtles" that are chocolate covered pecans with caramel?
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    My first thought was the turtle candies....
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      I thought about turtle candies as well, but while I was brainstorming last night I came up with a keeper - using photos of our turtles in the centerpieces, and naming the tables after them. Done :)
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    Yes, the candy is perfect.  Please don't give any little turtle knick-knack.   I just can't imagine anyone wanting a turtle dust-catcher.

    And remember, a little theme goes a long way.  What you have sounds fine, but I wouldn't overdo the turtle thing. 

    Having said that, I did think that it would be subtle and cute to play "So Happy Together" by The Turtles as you enter your reception.  =)
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