Help with Candy Buffet !! please!

I'm in the process of pulling together my candy buffet for my 9/29 wedding.
I bought small white glassine bags and stamped them, but my question is should I make individual inserts with a cute poem about the buffet (below) to stuff inside each one (approx 188) or save the time & money and just frame the poem and put it on the candy buffet table?
I'm feeling super crafty, and part of me thinks this might be more personal that way? But I"m not sure if it's necessary.

Step right up to the Candy Buffet

It's a sweet addition to a wonderful day.

This is a treat we are offering you

on this beautiful day, when we say "I do."

Use the scoop, choose what you like,

leave some for others

be polite

As you enjoy your bag of treats

please remember

Love is Sweet!

Thank you for sharing our wonderful day!

Re: Help with Candy Buffet !! please!

  • Not a big fan of cutesy poems, but if I had to pick, I'd frame it....don't include one with each bag.
  • I don't think its necessary to put a poem in each bag.  Nobody will remember that anyways.

    I second the pp though about not being into the cutesy saying--especially the part about being "polite"--your guests are not children (at least most of them likely aren't) and even though its in a cute poem, it still comes off as telling grown ups how to act.
  • Adults don't need to be told to be polite and save some for others.  If you want the poem, I'd end it at "choose what you like."  Framing it is better than one for each bag.
  • Yeah ditch the polite part.

    We had a candy buffet and I typed up and framed a nice sign that simply said, "Please enjoy some sweets and kisses from the new Mr. and Mrs" (we had some Hershey's kisses).

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  • That's cute, I like it. Thanks
  • I would do the poem in a fram big enough so people can read... Then on the bags maybe a small tag with ribbon saying Thank You and you monogram something like that very easy something you can print out on card stock

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