How many types of candy?

FI and I are planning on doing a candy bar as our favor. I wanted to price it out to see about how much it would be. We're inviting 150 people but I have no idea how many types of candy to order or how much of each type. Any suggestions?
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Re: How many types of candy?

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    Your going to want about 45-50 pounds of candy.  For the different kinds of candy, half of it is about the display and the other half is choices.  In mine I had sixlets, sour patch apples, double dip peanuts, rock candy sticks, and yogurt pretzels.  But I only have 40 invited, so you may want a few more than 5.  If you had 7 different candies you may think of having 7 pounds of each, but remember not all candy has the same weight/volume ratio.  Imagine 7 pounds of cotton candy next to 7 pounds of M&M's!

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    I would say keep it to a minimum, 3-4 different types of candy is enough to keep your guests enticed.  I found a wonderful website that provides inspiration images of favors and candy bars and where to purchase products to get that dream image. Check it out and good luck!

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    janegoodey - apparently you missed the pesky little part of the terms of service where vendors arent allowed to advertise on the boards.  How can you trust a vendor who can't follow rules?  All of your posts advertise the website in your post.

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