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Hey ladies I just love to idea and look of a candy buffet with all the retro candy of our childhood. I would really love to have one and use this as the favors. My dilemma is that at this point we have 138 guest, I am not sure if it is practical to do it with that number of guest. I do not want to have to keep filling the jars up on my wedding day. I have yet to ask the catering hall if they could help keep the jars full.
If any of you are having candy buffets for a large number of guests please let me know how you plan to manage setting it up and the refills.
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Re: candy buffet favors

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    We're having 300 people with a candy bar. Hopefully, there can be one person working whose sole job is to keep it restocked and neat. I'm going to do a mock up it, take some pictures and write directions, and let them take it from there. We bought tons and tons of candy (almost literally), and I think it's going to work out really well! I wouldn't think it would be a problem for them to refill it for you, since they are getting really popular.
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    I had about 135 guests and i did a candy buffet,my Venue made sure that my jars were set up (i just put a peice of paper in each jar to say what candy i wanted to go where)& refilled so i didnt have to worry about it,i would contact your venue and ask them if they would set it up for you and make sure thats it is filled during your wedding.
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    I've never even heard of a candy buffet. The idea sounds so super cute! I really wish I could think of a way to incorporate that into my reception! How much does candy for that many people cost, just wondering?
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    I'm doing mine for under 100 .
    -candy wholsales !
    for 175 people
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    We had 125 guests, and one of the ladies who worked at the venue kept the candy bar jars refilled as needed.
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