Pretzel wedding favors

Has anyone made these?  Two pretzels - one coated with white for bride & the groom coated in chocolate?  Put in a gift bag.  Wondering where to buy pretzels and how to go about making.

Re: Pretzel wedding favors

  • That sounds really cute!

    You could do whatever kind of pretzel you want -- go to the grocey store and see what they have that would work.  In a normal bag, you're bound to end up with some broken ones, but most are intact.   

    Then just melt down tollhouse chips (milk chocolate and white chocolate), then dip.  If you want to completely cover the pretzel you may need to use skewers or chop sticks to hold them.   After they've been dipped, set them on baking parchment, and refrigerate to get the chocolate to set.   

    I would recommend doing these no more than about 2-3 days in advance:-)
  • These are yummy so I'd definitely like them as a favor.  you can make them yourself or buy them.
  • I had thought about doing these too with a little label that said "We tied the knot."  :)
  • We used to make chocolate covered pretzels for the office I worked at during university for all our events. They're cute and delicious! 

    I suggest using large pretzel rods. You can buy them in bulk and whole-sale stores, or get them NOT in bulk at many supermarkets, Target, etc. You can use either Hershey's or Nestel's chips, or buy actual melting chocolate, which comes in a variety of colors. Just warm in till it's liquid, dip the preztels in about half-way, and let them dry. Putting them in the fridge speeds up the hardening process. As a PP said, do this no more than 2-3 days before the wedding, and store in a cool place.

    After dipping the preztels in chocolate, you can also dip them in sprinkles. Use white and black, or your wedding colors... whatever :o
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  • Check out these pretzel rods:

    With a little practice they could be easily mimicked, otherwise they sell them at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factories.
  • Thanks for all the ideas.  Have figured out how to do the bride but not sure how to make the groom pretzel to look like a tux.  Would you coat it in white first and than to the dark chocolate or do dark chocolate first than paint on white shirt & dark tie?
    Any help greatly appreciated.
  • Sorry I took so long getting back. You coat it in white first, then dip it at an angle in the dark to get the "shirt" look, then paint on a bowtie.
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