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Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for favor ideas for my "storybook" themed wedding.  I'm leaning toward something edible.  One idea I had was caramel/candy apples because apples play large in fairytales (ie Snow White), and there are a lot of apple farms in my hometown.  Is this something you would like at a wedding?  Or are there other foods that might work with the theme, or any ideas on how to dress up the favors to match the theme? I'm DIY challenged, so I would really appreciate any advice!!

Re: Favor Ideas-Storybook Theme

  • I would definitely take one home! Yummy!

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    I would love that. 
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  • Caramel apple? Yes please!


  • Caramel apples sound wonderful!  I'm not as much of a fan of candy apples, but you could offer them as well (if you wanted) for some variety. 

    I think the apples are great, but since you asked for other ideas, you could pick, say, three of your favorite stories (or the stories that you're incorporating the most into your theme) and have an edible that goes along so guests could take home their choice.  For instance:  Snow White's caramel apples, Peter Rabbit's chamomile tea sachets, Hansel & Gretel's trail mix, Rumplestiltskin's gold (i.e. gold-wrapped Hershey kisses ... could also be "pirate treasure"), or shoe-shaped/decorated sugar cookies (Cinderella), etc.

    Maybe you could have a sign that's a take off on the fabled "Mirror, mirror" rhyme ... something like "Wedding, wedding guests, come all / Pick your favorite of them all".  That's not quite right, but you get the idea. 

    (I've been heat embossing invitations all night long, and my brain is kinda fuzzy, so if this post is a bit wonky, just chalk it up to the fumes ...)
  • Thank you for the feedback everyone!  I feel a lot better about the apples.  And Reppunzel, such great ideas (love the poem idea, too)!  I think my guests might like having a variety of choices.
  • personally im not a fan of carmel apples.... but something like apple butter, preserves, or other 'cooking' type stuff would be awesome.
  • I love caramel apples.
  • I love all of these ideas! Caramel apples... Yum!
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