Candy Molds for Favors

I am trying to think of inexpensive favors. I am okay with the idea of not doing a favor at all, but then I thought I could do something like this...

Make chocolate molds of a wedding cake, swan, rings, etc. (Probably only 2 kinds).
Put our colors into them and possibly a lollipop stick. Then cover them in cellophane and wrap with a thank you and a ribbon.

Has anyone ever done this? How much did it end up costing? I don't make a lot of the chocolate molds, but I have no idea how much chocolate I would need. But before I start I wanted to get an idea of costs.

Also - Anyone that has done this before - any pros/cons after having done this?

Re: Candy Molds for Favors

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    A lot of that is going to depend on the size of the mold you use...I would get the mold you are thinking about and one bag of candy melt and try it out.  I think the lollipop candies would be cute!  Plus, you could stand them up in groups and use them as part of your table decorations.
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    I got these at a wedding, it was red and white roses, (white chocolate with or without food coloring in rose molds) they were on lolliopop sticks tied together like a bouquet with green paper leaf tags, it was so cute, until I ate one, it tasted like wax. go for good quality chocolate, candymelts taste funny.

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