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I'm planning on doing fortune cookies with custom messages as my wedding favor. Has anyone done this and liked their vendor? There are so many companies that offer the custom cookies, so it'd be nice to hear if people had good or bad experiences. My thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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    Yes, I am doing them for my daughter's wedding (July 10th) 

    I bought them on Ebay with a personal message and they are all individually wrapped.

    I am putting them in a box with a small wine glass candle. I glued ribbon around the box, bought a rubber stamp with "thank you" for the top of the box and rubber stamp with their names and date and put that on the side of the box and then wrapped the box with a wraphia ribbon.

    I bought lots of things from Ebay and Etsy.
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    Idk if your the diy type but to make a fortune cookie is actually not that hard, we made them when we were little for valentines day with personal messages instead of cards. You can even dip them in melted chocolate after they set and put on sprinkles in your colors... just a thought.
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    Hi joannemlc - where did you get your wine glass candles?  I have been searching everywhere for them.
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    I am going to order chocolate-dipped fortune cookies from http://fancyfortunecookies.com I haven't actually done it yet so I can't give you a recommendation.

    I found chinese takeout boxes for less than $1 each (depending on size) on amazon.com so I am going to fill a takeout container with cookies and leave one or two on each table instead of allocating one or two cookies per guest.
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    nhelene- I bought chinese take out boxes from papermart.com. A package of 50 quart size boxes are $8. They are good quality, but they do have a red symbol on the bottom, which I could care less about. They were the best deal I could find on the internet!
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    in case you're still looking, i am ordering caramel toffee cookies from www.goodfortunes.com. the benefit of those over chocolate dipped cookies is that you don't have to worry about them melting during delivery. they sent us some samples by second-day air and the chocolate ones were melted all over the inside of the wrapper, even though they were packed with ice packs.

    i agree with the person who suggested papermart, as well. i got 200 half-pint boxes (which fit two individually-wrapped fortune cookies) for about $12.

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