Per Guest or Per Couple?

We're doing bags of muffin mix (makes 6 muffins) for favors.  There will be 3 different flavors (banana nut, blueberry, and chocolate chip).
I also want to know if I should have separate gifts for the children.  Most (all but like 1-2) of the children are older (ages 8-13). 

Re: Per Guest or Per Couple?

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    I was confused on this as well and posted in on my June board. The lovely ladies there told me to put a few on each table, that it usually is one per couple, although some will take more than one. I didn't know how many to do/but bc I didn't want to look cheap, but didn't want to have a boatload left over either. I also asked one of my friends who just got married in Sept and she said the same thing, a few on each table depending on how many people will be at each table. She said she still had a lot of extras and ended up taking the leftovers to work after the HM.

    I was stressing about it, but I am just going to use the above advice bc we are also having personalized napkins (which I know some people take unused ones home as favors/keepsakes as well) and there will be plenty of those, and we will have wedding bubbles with our colors, so they can have those as well to remember our wedding. HTH! Good luck.
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    I say do one per couple and definitly give the kids something different. If you want to go with the mix per person make sure each couple gets a different mix
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