Favors for mostly OOT guests?

Hi All!
I am looking for favor ideas for our guests.  We're having about 100 guests at the wedding, and about 85 of them are coming from out of town.  Many of them are flying, so things like wine bottles, etc are out of the question for their return trip.  Does anyone know of something like a keepsake that would be travel-friendly, ie not liquid, and relatively not fragile?  Thanks!

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Re: Favors for mostly OOT guests?

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    A photobooth or photo station.
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    A photo booth/station is a good idea.  Is there anything unique made in the area that your wedding is in?  Or maybe your area is famous for something.  Think about where your honeymoon is going to be too, maybe something with a shamrock if you were going to Ireland. 
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    To be honest, there are almost no favors that I would consider a "keepsake".  Most are cheesy or silly little trinkets that are either left behind or tossed shortly after arriving home.

    I still have a handmade ornament from a wedding, and I enjoy hanging that on my Christmas tree each year.  Otherwise, I'd probably say just go with something edible.  I'd like it back in my hotel room after the wedding.

    Oh wait~I heard of a bride who used luggage tags for table cards/favors.  I'd use them again, and thought that was a cute idea.

    But little photo frames, votive candles, key chains, koozies, coasters....not so much.
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    I hear the best are edible because like PPs said they are left or thrown away....
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    M&M makes personalized batches for special events like this. You might want to look into ordering that and throwing in a few other types of candy. Most craft stores have inexpensive little cardboard boxes in different shapes and styles. Grab one of those, throw in some colored tulle, fill with candy, and favor done.
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    Aside from your parents, most people don't want a "keepsake" from your wedding.  Especially if it has your name or wedding date on it.  Your best bet is going with something edible if you're set on favors.
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    Luggage tags are a fantastic idea!!!

    Other things I've seen:

    Food-related things from the wedding: tea bags, cookies, honey or jams
    Wedding theme-related things: tree seedling for a woodsy wedding, little plant in a pot
    Wedding soundtrack cds, polaroids, etc

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    Most of our guests were from OOT as well.  We did personalized M&Ms and my guests that flew said they were great travel buddies for the trip home.  We ordered the ones that were prepackaged in the tins so we didn't have to do anything with them.
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    First of all, favors aren't necessary.   I've tossed all those little picture frames and coaster with hearts on them that I ever received.  I have several cds that were given as favors.  One of them I like and listen to often, most of them are not my style at all.

    Edible favors tend to go over well.  Since your guests are mostly OOT, you could do a little bakery box for each person with a muffin in it and one of those mini jars of jam.  They'll appreciate that either when they back to their room or in the morning.

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    Luggage Tags would be the cutest idea!!!

    Here's a great link!
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    I agree that, if you are going to do favors, give something that people will use. Edible favors are always good, but even better are edible favors that will last a little while. When you spend money on things like the personalized M&M's, people eat them pretty fast and then forget about them. Something along the lines of mints will not only last a little longer, but most people are happy for the fresh breath! Try these mints in a specialized tin that guests can keep:

    'Mint to Be' Bride and Groom Slide Mint Tins


    You can also put a spin on the more traditional place card holder/photo frame/coaster idea, and give this mini photo album. More people will hold onto something like this because it is compact but also allows them to put multiple photos in it:

    "Little Book of Memories" Place Card Holder/Mini Photo Album

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    We are giving everyone a small box of chocolates to take with them as well as a silk fan, which they will use at our outdoor ceremony.  The silk fan is useful and a keepsake since it has our names and date of wedding on them. 
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    There are lots of options for OOT and traveling guests. I love the luggage tag idea. You might go to this site I found: http://tinyurl.com/ylln4qu

    Good luck!
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