Favor help!!!

Please help!

I have no idea on what to give as favors. We don't really have a theme so i'm stuck. I was thinking candles, but everyone does that. Any suggestions??

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Re: Favor help!!!

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    ivyrose13ivyrose13 member
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    Your best bet is something edible, if you do candles, make sure they aren't personalized. I'm adding personalized matchbooks to mine for the personalized touch :D

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    fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    At the last wedding I went to, the favor was a votive candle and I was thrilled--but it happened to be my favorite candle brand.

    Candy bars/edible favors and photo booths are really popular and generally please everyone.  Wine and champagne (which is what I did) are usually popular also.  Stay away from anything personalized.  You can also skip them entirely.
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    Do something that represents you and FI; candles are used A LOT!
    Do you guys have a hobby that you could incorproate into your favors?
    I am doig playing cards in the colors of my wedding, because FI and I play cards with our families all of the time! And they are a favor that can be used over and over again.
    We also thought about having a golf ball and tee for favors, because we both really like to golf, and are having our ceremony and reception at a golf course!
    Think of personal things that you would like to give your guests, that they would like to receive!
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    I agree with FutureMrsSheeler (above) that you should do something that represents you! I have catered for wedding for the past 5 years now and actually have not seen too many candles done.
    I will be doing little heart shaped candles that have our names on the outside of the tin because I LOVE candles.  Not only do I think that they represent us, they are pretty cheap to do.

    Its all really up to you though, and what you like :)
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