Candy Apples

My fiancee and I are planning a fall wedding this year.  We are in search of the perfect favor for the occassion.  We are considering candy apples. What do you think???

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    I would love to get candy apples at a wedding, or the ones dipped in chocolate. or caramel and nuts, oh man now I am hungry :)
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    I thought about it for my wedding last November.  I looked into using Daffy Apple.  I ended up not doing it but I think it's a cute idea.

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    I thought about doing this as well.  I would love this also.  FWIW, I hate biting into Granny Smith apples.  Gala or Fuji work better for me.
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    That would be so cute! The only issue could be that they are a little hard to eat, especially if your guests are all dressed up! My friend that got married last september did caramel corn favors that were delicious! I think she got them at Gracious Bridal because their labels look a lot like the blue ones she used. But they were super cute and virtually mess free! Here's the link to the ones I'm thinking she used: http://www.graciousbridal.com/personalized-caramel-popcorn-wedding-favors.html
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    I like the idea too. I'm considering it myself for my wedding. I thought it would be a nice fall touch
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    I think that is a great idea for a fall wedding. If you have time/skills, try DIY-ing them. Many craft stores sell kits/the sticks/wrappers, etc.
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    I'm wanting to do chocolate covered Granny Smith apples to coordinate with our wedding colors, which are apple green and chocolate brown, LOL.  Not sure if I have the DIY-ness in me though.  Wondering where I can order them from...
  • ShofShof member
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    Good Idea! I wanted to do this too, but it was not in my budget.  But yum!
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    I am planning my wedding for next fall and my main accent color is a deep red and thought the candy apples and/or caramel apples would be great!!! Go for it!! some may thing it is messy but most people take the favors home to have later instead of eating right then and there. I think this just helped me confirm my decision to do them!! YAY!!! lol

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