Black 4x6 Picture Frame Favors

I'm having a photo booth at my wedding that will be printing the 4 pictures taking in the booth in b&w in a 4x6 format so I'd like to have black picture frames as favors for the guests.  However, I'm having a hard time finding any sites to get these in bulk that aren't like $9 a piece or super chintzy (sp??). 

Anyone have any suggestions?  I'm just looking for something simple; no hearts or anything like that on there because I want people to be able to put these in their house and I think that just simple flat black will fit in with pretty much everyone's decor somewhere.  :) 

Any help would be greatly appreciated - hoping to spend around $3 each.  Thanks in advance!!

Re: Black 4x6 Picture Frame Favors

  • I would personally skip the frames because I think you're right - most black frames you find will either be super-cheap looking or will cost a lot of coin.  I think most people either put the photo strips on their fridge or save it for a scrapbook, but I don't see many people framing those.  I think the photo booth is favor enough OR you can get something else small like chocolates for a favor, but I would skip the frame.
  • What about doing a clear frame that is magnetic? Like PP said about putting it in their fridge, thats probably what I would do too with the picture. I think they're under 3
  • Thanks for the great advice, ladies!  I definitely am going to think about the edible favor idea instead of the frame.  I guess I was assuming that most guests wouldn't frame their photo strips (even though they're picture size, not the skinny long strips) but I thought maybe it would be something that people could use to frame any pictures they want at their house and that it would go with the "theme" of the photo booth.  I was going to place a note in each frame that said something about thanking them for sharing this special day with us and that we invite them to make their own memories in the photo booth (OK so I totally stole this from another wedding but butchered the nice wording they had because I can't remember it...haha).  But now I'm definitely contemplating switching to the chocolates - maybe chocolate covered espresso beans...yummmm.  :) 

    Anyway, thanks again for the suggestions!
  • Have you tried IKEA, if you still want to go with the frame idea, which I like a lot.  I think their stuff is about mid-range as far as quality.  If you don't have IKEA near you I am pretty sure you can order stuff online.
  • try dollar tree. Look online. My mother bought a ton for my engagement party for a centerpiece project she was woking on. http://www.dollartree.com/floral-decor/photo-frames/Inspirational-Wooden-Matted-Photo-Frames-4x6-/202c206c206p329171/index.pro
  • If it's not too late to change the size format, you could use something like this:

    and they could perhaps serve as double duty.  You could use them to greet guests with their escort cards, and then once guests have used the photo booth, they could slip their photo into it.

    The T-style frames would also work well.  I have a friend who used them.  She easily embellished the frames with a ribbon at the base.  They were also initially used as the escort cards, as well as the menu indicator.  Each guest put the frame at their place setting so the servers could readily see their meal choice.
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