How far in advance can I put edible favors together?

I want to get as many tasks completed ahead of time as I can, and that includes putting the favors together. I'm using organza bags and putting in Hershey's kisses, M&Ms, and Jordan almonds. I know the Kisses will be fine since they're wrapped, but can the M&Ms or almonds go stale if I transfer them from their original bag to the organza bags 80 days ahead of time?

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Re: How far in advance can I put edible favors together?

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    We're doing chocolate and I plan on putting them in the boxes at the most a a week the wedding.
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    I know what you mean about wanting to get things done in advance so you have less to worry about closer to the time. I'm the same way, but you are right you don't want things to go stale. I wouldn't put the candy in the bags until approx a month before the wedding. First reason being because you don't want it to melt where you plan to leave it until the wedding and second reason being due to the stale factor.  I think a month is a good mark. Make sure to keep the chocolate in a cool place. ie: basement, refrigerator, etc. 
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    mcskatcatmcskatcat member
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    I think if you froze those things then there would definitely be nothing to worry about.  They'll keep from melting and shouldn't be exposed to anything that way.
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    do not freeze chocolate like hershey kisses!! It will turn white.. I wouldn't recommend buying them until no more than a month before, and don't open the bags or package them until as close to the wedding as possible.
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