so confused!

we have no idea what to do for our favors...what I like fiance hates...what he likes I hate...I thought candy or chocolate would be great but he hates...we have a lot of ppl invited so keeping the price down is a must....any unique ideas?

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    dont do favors then. its not a neccessity. you are already feading and giving drinks to these people.
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    Does your wedding have a theme?  If it is in the summer I found a place that sells starter trees you could use.  If you really can't agree then what about a favorite place you go, or where you met?  For example if you met at school you could get people pins or something from there.  My fiance and I are doing different types of tea, but that doesn't help you much.  Good luck!
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    Do something that's personal or that relates to you and FI or the theme of your wedding (if you have one).  I hate how people just do random favors so they have something to give... you might as well not give anything if that's the case.

    I've posted this before, but what I'm doing is:

    FI is from Ecuador and I'm from New Jersey.  We are going to have chinese takeout boxes with a nice ribbon on the outside and on the inside will be three separate organza bags with foods that represent us:

    1. Candy from Ecuador - where FI was born
    2. Salt water taffy from NJ - where I was born
    3. NYC-style honey roasted nuts - where we met

    And there will be a note inside the box that explains the significance of each treat.  These favors are going to be less than $1.00 each.
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    we knew we didn't want to do something edible but we also didn't want something useless that people would throw away. my FI is from Ireland and our group likes to party so we decided on Guinness hand held bottle openers (they're magnets too so you can keep it on your fridge). then every time our guests are opening up a cold one, they'll think of us! and it fits our "theme" since we have Irish things throughout the ceremony, STDs/invites/programs, and reception. it's important to pick something that's representative of you AND something that you know your guests will enjoy as well. i would start with picking if you want edible or non-edible and go from there. GL!
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