Winter Wedding Favors

Hi ladies,

I have been racking my brain this week over what favors would go well with my wedding in December. Our colors are silver, black, and dark purple. We are having a hot chocolate bar at the wedding and dark silver shimmery tablecloths. Some details about me: I have worked at Cheryl and Co Cookie store for 4 years (2nd job) and my family and I love to make homemade chocolate and cookies in the winter time. My dilemma: I can't decide on 1 favor and always second guess if what I choose at that moment would look good.

Here are my ideas:

-Cookies from my store with a cookie cutter tied onto the bag
-Cookie cutter by itself in a box (Assorted xmas shapes)
-Personalized Mug (kinda pricey)
-Ornaments in a box (although I don't know how to personalize)
-Everyone can take a votive candle from the table when they leave

Please tell me your honest opinion or any other ideas...

Thanks so much!!

Re: Winter Wedding Favors

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    The cookie with a cookie cutter sounds like a cute idea,everyone loves edible favors.
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    I agree --the cookie and cookie favor sound like a fabulous wedding favor
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    I am getting married in Nov with a winter wonderland theme and have seen a tone of snowflake themed things that might be another idea.  Like a snowflake shaped place card holder if you need those it could double as a favor.  Otherwise they make really cute scented votive favor I have seen on efavormart and other sites. Maybe you could find a cookie scented one?  I do like the cookie with cutter idea too though everyone does love a good cookie!
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    Everything sounds good but maybe you should take out the personalized mugs...
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    The cookies, with or without the cookie cutter, would do it for me  :)

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    Thanks everyone!! What is awesome about the cookies  (I just thought about this) is that I get a $50 giftcard for our store in November for an early Christmas gift from the boss, I get 50% off, so I can get a 100 ct. box of cookies for $40 bucks x2 for 200 people =80 bucks minus 50 giftcard and i pay 30 bucks!! All I would need to buy outright is the cookie cutters!!
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    If anyone else is thinking of cookie cutters for a christmas time wedding I found a website for the cheapest cookie cutters around


    They have cookie cutters for 59 cents each and pretty reasonable shipping!!
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    I love the ideas of cookies with cookie cutters, I also like the idea of making a dry cookie mix and putting it in a pretty jar and attaching a cookie cutter
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    you could do a little cookie favor bar..have a few different types with little boxes so people can take one or two on the way out, or prebox them and label the kind of cookies....as odd as it sounds I have met quite a few people who don't really enjoy chocolate...
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