Destination Favors???

I'm having my destination wedding in Jamaica and I'm trying to come up with ideas for wedding favors.  Something that will travel easily with me in my luggage, not take up too much space or be too heavy....any ideas???  Please
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Re: Destination Favors???

  • Maybe when you get there you can buy some local candies and use those as a favor?  Or little bottles of Jamaican Rum?   You can bring cellophane bags or tulle circles to package them in.  This way your guests won't have to take them home (or if they want to, it's easily packable).
  • I agree with the previous poster. Favors often suck, anyway, and for a DW no one wants to lug something useless back with them on the airplane. We're doing candy. If you know no one's a recovering alcoholic/anti-alcohol, Jamaican rum sounds good to me!
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