Salsa or BBQ Jars - Vendors or DIY?


I would like to give small jars of salsa or BBQ sause as a wedding favor.  Does anyone have suggestions on companies that specialize in this?  Or has anyone bought all the stuff to make it themselves?

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Re: Salsa or BBQ Jars - Vendors or DIY?

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    Do you know how to make BBQ sauce? If you do then you could buy the jars and do them yourself. It would be work, but less money spent. So I think it depends on the time and know-how that you have.

    We did filled jars, and did it ourselves, but for me I have access to wholesale pricing so, that was the route I was going no matter what I decided. Plus if you are crafty, then go for it and truly make it your own..
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    I would buy big bottles of BBQ sause from a local restaurant to fill the jars.  Don't I need to worry about sealing them a certain way to preserve the sause?  Do you recommend any sites for the jars?
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    I think a homemade sauce would be the way to go if you are going to give it, otherwise it's like "here, have a jar of KC Masterpiece" and that seems a little wierd.  I have a recipe for amazing homemade sweet & spicy BBQ sauce, but to make it for a lot of people could get quite pricey when thinking of all of the ingredients to make it.  Just google "mason jars" or "Ball jars" and see what comes up.  There are tons of sites, but sometimes Walmart or Costco are just at inexpensive.  And, they come with instructions to seal them tight so they are preserved for a little time.  My sauce is all stuff that is kept in cupboards so it doesn't need preservation as much.  Once I open it I keep it in the fridge until I run out and make another batch.

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