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which favor to do?

I know a lot of you girls are pro-candy favors. I'm curious for your opinions on these favor ideas! Which sounds better and more unique? A) set of coasters B) boxes of candy C) cake pops (round cake balls on a stick) My concern with a is time and money, I don't want them to be left behind after putting in hours of work. With B I feel its not unique. With C I have never made them but they sound awesome and if we do them in the flavor of our cake and decorated in the right colors I think they would be cool.

Re: which favor to do?

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    I vote B - you can't go wrong with candy.  My sister made cake pops for her daughters christening and while they looked cute, they were a total pain to make. I think if you really love the idea of the cake pops you should try to make some before you make your finale decision.

    Good luck!
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  • Candy.  Coasters that don't match your home decor- really?  With someone elses name on them?
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    Just because you saw it on Four Weddings, doesn't mean it's a good idea.
  • I think cake pops would be fun because candy is kind of overdone these days.   And I love cake pops.
  • I am going with a heart shaped tea infuser from the knot wedding store.  I was thinking about a lot of other things including candy, wine bottles, etc.  We ended up going with the tea infuser because we both like tea and because we are having an out of state wedding.  I wanted something that we could have shipped to my mom (lives in the same state as the wedding).  I also wanted something that we didn't have to put together, tie bows, or thank you cards.  The favor we got comes boxed, with a white bow, and a little tea bag shaped thank you tag.

    All this and they ended up being less than 2$ PP including shipping!!!
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  • i attended a wedding that did glass coasters and i thought it was great, they used them as place cards with our names on a piece of paper that could come out of the coaster, and then when we took them home, we bought cute scrapbook paper to insert in them! When you get sick of the pattern/color, you can switch it out cheap! not sure where they got these from but i'm sure you could find them online!
  • I'm going with B, but I am bias.  I am a partner in Sweet & Sinful Chocolate Co.  We make 12 flavors of handmade cream filled chocolates.  For the weddings we have
    done so far, we have done the 1/2 doz box filled with their favorite flavors and the bride has done their own ribbon accessories to save money.  If you are interested, please view our website at
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