Ideas for Favors

Hi Ladies, I'm not creative at all.. I'm interested in hearing some favor ideas.  I'm interested in something easy I can just order offline or off of Etsy maybe.  Something besides chocolates thanks!

Re: Ideas for Favors

  • Best favor I've ever got was chocolate covered oreos.  Delicious.  
  • No chocolate? Why?

    Something edible then. A cookie or some local food would be good.


  • Edibles are typically more preferred than a "souvenir" with your names/date on them. Favors should be something your guests will really use. We are doing jars of homemade salsa to go along with our garden/picnic inspired wedding. We'll set baskets with tortilla chips near the exits for people to grab on their way out. Our family and friends are notorious for late night munchies, so I'm sure they'll love them! What is your theme or inspiration? Give us a picture of your wedding and I'm sure we can help you out!
  • If you don't want to do something edible, you can do some type of candle (maybe somehow related to your theme or colors).  I think a lot of people would use those.  
  • We are getting married next month. I really love spring time and wanted to kind of use it as part of our theme. For our favors we are doing flower bulbs
  • Im using hershey kisses in little sash bags with a a note inside that says hugs and kisses from the Mr. and Mrs.  

    Inexpensive idea but cute and sweet Smile

  • We did Jordan Almond flowers. Jordan Almonds have significance for weddings and they were nice to use for decoration too! Friends helped me make them instead of buying them premade - saved a lot of money. I bought jordan almonds in my wedding color.


  • Oriental Trading has wedding phrase fortune cookies for super cheap. You could put a couple in those mini Chinese take out boxes. Who doesn't like a fortune cookie? I am doing a candy buffet and photo booth. Those will serve as my favors. I bought mini boxes that I'll set at each plate for guests to fill with candy
  • what is your budget for favors? favors can get pricey. I don't like the idea of edible favors, i feel like its a cheap gift. but i do see a point that a soveneir might not be used. If you decide to go with a souveneir, it should be something practical and will be used like measuring spoons. Our wedding favors are coffee mugs and we personalized them with having All You Need is Love written on them. My SIL did Mikasa crystal bowls- its a very nice centerpiece for a table or it can be a candy dish.  You have a ton of options, i would google wedding favors, and whole bunch of things will come up. You just have to find what you like and whats in your budget.

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