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Hello Ladies,

For those of you who are giving chocolate favors -- what is your timeframe for ordering? 

Our wedding is on 11/18/10 and although we live in VA we are heading back home to NY for the wedding.  We are ordering small boxes of Whitman chocolate, which will then be wrapped and bowed.  I wanted to wrap these well in advance so that I can enjoy my wedding weekend without and DIY stress.  Can chocolate go bad?  Is ordering two months in advance a bad idea?

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    we're doing chocolate favor too. the company we're getting chocolate from, Norman Love Confections, put their chocolate espiration date as two weeks. and i talk to someone from there who suggested me to order about 2 weeks in advance of the wedding. and i won't have to wrap them... in your situation, you probably want to double check with Whitman chocolate and see how long their chocolate lasts and start from there...
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    I ordered my chocolate about a month before to ensure i had enough time incase there was a problem,just keep them in a cool place.

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    Whitman (who is owned by Russel Stovers) is considered a second tier chocolate while Norman Love is considered top tier. I did a quick google search and here is what I found about shelf life regarding different "tiers" of chocolate:

    "A common distinction between premium chocolates and most of Russell Stover's products is that the former usually contains no preservatives. As a result, top-tier chocolates usually have a shorter shelf-life and are often much more expensive."

    Another thing you could do is go to a store that sells Whitman and check the expiration dates on them to get an idea.

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    Dawnmarie your internet skills are amazing!!!!!!!  Thank you!!!! 

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