I'm a bride on a budget (like many) and i was wondering how much most of you plan on spending on favors?
I don't want to be cheapy, but I also don't want to waste money on silly items that people just end up throwing away. Any creative ideas would also be welcomed!!

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    My advice:  skip them.  Even if you have 50 guests and spend a dollar on each one, that's $50 better spent elsewhere.
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    Around $5 a person, probably a litlte under.

    We gave Lenox bud vases to each couple, which were on clearance for an amazing $5 each.
    We also gave jelly beans in fall colors in a square container. The jelly beans were around 1.50 a person.
    Throw in the box for the jelly beans, the ribbon, and the wrapping paper and ribbon for the vases and it was in the neighborhood of $5 a person.
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    We spent around $40 for 200 favors.  We DIYed chocolate covered pretzel rods.  They looked great and went over really well, at least I'm assuming they did because there weren't any left over.
  • DanielleZZDanielleZZ member
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    we are having a photobooth ($700) and the photo strips will be our favors which are included in our package so I guess they are sort of free. but if i looked at the $700 as the favor price then it would be $3.50/pp.
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    [QUOTE]we are having a photobooth ($700) and the photo strips will be our favors which are included in our package so I guess they are sort of free. but if i looked at the $700 as the favor price then it would be $3.50/pp.
    Posted by DanielleZZ[/QUOTE]

    We did the same thing, but also ordered plastic photo strip frames from eBay at $.75 each.  With our count it comes out to $4.50 per person.
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    I'm doing frosted glass votive candles from candles4less.com which are $35 for 72. I'm wrapping them in a cellophane baggie with a ribbon and including a personalized matchbook with each one. I'm looking at around 75 cents each. 

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    We are doing themed photo frames and hershy kisses with labels on them as favors.  I can't see that coming out to more than $1.50 per person.  To me $5 per person would be waaay outside any possible budget for favors for me.  I'd rather spend the extra money on food, drinks or entertainment for the guests.
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    We did boxes of Frango mints, which are a staple in Chicago. They were $3.50 per box. There were not any gone at the end of the night. Definitely go with something edible, and something that you like. This way, if people do leave them behind you can eat them! This is much better than having 50 coasters left over....like my one girlfriend......

    Also as a favor we had boxes of old navy flip flops near the dance floor for everyone to take for dancing. We had all different sizes and colors. These were $2.50 each, and we only had 3 pairs left over!

  • mgietler76mgietler76 member
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    I spent $1 per favor, we are doing hand-painted wine glasses (I know I know they won't match our guests other glasses) that I bought from the dollar store and painted myself. We are doing a wine theme wedding so it fit very nicely.
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    I did gift bags filled with,mini wine bottles,hershey bars,mints,lotto tickets,and a little note card,plus i did a candy station,spoonful of kisses and on each ceremony seat i set a yellow scented rose.I spent alot on favors but its just bc thats what i wanted to do.but i agree with pp's if its not in your budget then dont do them.
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    We're doing personalized hot sauce---came to $2 pp.
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    thanks so much everyone!
  • 1littleblue1littleblue member
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    Classic tiffany looking boxes with our names on them, filled with chocolate leaves that were hand-made by a local chocolate shop. 
    Cost per box: $1.80
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