Same favour dilemma!

In May at a friend’s bachelorette party a friend and I were discussing favors – I am getting married April 2010 and she is getting married in August 2010. I expressed my dislike for favors and said how I would rather do a donation and that I’d seen a million shot glasses because I’ve been to a ton of weddings. My friend is doing shot glasses but she’s super personalizing it and it means a lot to her and I know they mean a lot to her. I never said anything negative about her shot glasses because I know how her and her fiancé really, really wanted them.  A few weeks later my fiancé said how he know longer wanted to do a donation and really wanted to a shot glass – great. He really has let me do whatever with this wedding so I really wanted to have them – for him. So I talked to the girl expressing how he really wanted them and she FLIPPED OUT saying that she won’t get them if I do…even though we will have max 10 of the same guests at each of our weddings.  So we started searching for something else only to discover the only thing we liked beside shot glasses were triple the price of shot glasses!! So now we’re back to the idea of shot glasses and I don’t know how it’s going to go down with my friend because I really don’t think her reaction of threatening to not have them is fair since only a few friends will be at both weddings!  Any advice on how-to approach this!!

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    Do edible favors - you had the right idea about shot glasses in the beginning.  No one wants a shot glass from your wedding ;)

    If your FI really wants his buddies to have the glasses, work those into the groomsman gift...  Seriously, I've never kept a single shot glass from a wedding.  Who needs more stuff around the house?  Everyone likes cookies ;)
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    i agree -

    use shot glasses as groomsmen gifts .

    you could do something like flower seeds - for people to plant.  thats a cute spring wedding favor.
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    Maybe try this site for some unique ideas instead: http://tinyurl.com/ylln4qu

    Congrats and I hope you find something that works for you!
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