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Has anyone who's done this before feel comfortable saying how much you bought/how many people attended/how much it cost?

I'm looking at doing a candy bar as I think it's really cute and it means I don't have to try and find favors that suit everyone. I'm just concerned about the budget and timeline. I have quite a bit of planning time yet but I'm trying to get bigger details at least solidly planned well in advance!


Re: Candy Bar/Station as a favor...

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    i had a candy station for my wedding in Sept,i had 130 guest so i bought about 110 pounds of candy(14 dif kinds) we did have a little left over but not much.
    the candy cost about $325.00
    the jars cost me about $150.00(i used 50% off coupons at Michaels for most of them)
    the scoops cost me $45.00(i wanted the chrome candy scoops,you can get ones for way cheaper in Michaels with a 50% off coupon)
    and the bags to put the candy in cost me $50.00
    total i spent about $570.00

    you can cut the cost by just using 5-7 different kinds of candy & getting the Jars & scoops @ AC Moore or Michaels with coupons.For the candy i would go with about 1/4 pd per guest.
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    For 150 guests I bought 70 lbs. of candy and I had a ton left over (about half) but I only had around 110 guests.  I had 7-8 different kinds--it's all in my planning bio.
    Jars were around $75 at TJ Maxx (plus I used a couple of my own bowls).
    Candy was around $300-$400--I can't remember exactly.
    2 sets of scoops were like $6 at Wal-mart.
    I bought Chinese takeout containers at $.08 each at Papermart and decorated them myself.
    I agree with 1/4 lb. per person of candy.
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    I recommend checking out rummage sales, thrift shops, and stores like Ross or Marshalls for your containers.  IMO, you don't need to spend tons of money to make it all matchy matchy, I like eclectic. 

    You should also have some sugar free candy for those who may be diabetic or are on dietary restrictions.
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    I am having a candy bar and have bought all my jars from Big Lots most were 3.00 each I've only got 40.00 invested so far in the jars and candles. Some of the  candy I am shopping online for a bulk candy place which there are alot. My colors for the wedding are red and silver so i will be buying most when valentines candy goes on sale!
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    I got almost all my jars from thrift stores and yard sales. I got a few off ebay that I  loved. Probably have about $25 invested in jars. I got my bags off ebay for about $10. Then for the candy I went to wholesale websites and stores. Like Sams Club and GFS has some. I would price all of it and see if you  have it in your budget. We did over 25 different candies. I just mostly took suggestions from people. It depends if you want the colors to match your wedding. I didn't mind if they did or not. My wedding is next weekend so we'll see how it turns out. I know alot of people are excited about it. I'm worried about running out! I got my scoops at Wal-Mart in the kitchenware section. They came in different sizes which was nice for dif. sized jars. :) I would look around holidays to get good deals on candy.

    Good luck! : )
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    Check out this website:  www.cwdistinctivedesigns.com I used them last minute for my candy buffet.  After adding up all the costs of the decorations, candy, and containers, I just decided to hire someone.  A candy buffet is a great idea! My guests loved it:)
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