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We are wanting very much to do the cliche fuzzy dice wedding favors for our Las Vegas wedding.  Has anyone found where you can purchase these in  bulk for less than 5 dollars a pair?? We are on a tight budget.

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    trix1223trix1223 member
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    If you're on a tight budget, I'd suggest not spending $$ on fuzzy dice.   I obviously don't know your guests, but if I were a guest:  I'd be "forgetting" to take them.  That's just too kitschy for me and I'm hard pressed to imagine what most guests would do with a pair of fuzzy dice.  Sorry

    ETA:  Have a cookie made that looks like a pair of dice.   Or find another way to incorporate dice.  Heck, I'd even rather have some real dice than fuzzy ones.  At least the real ones I could use to play blitz.
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    Trix's idea of the cookies is good. 

    You could check Oriental Trading for actual dice if you wanted to take her other suggestion.
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    pretzelgrrlpretzelgrrl member
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    Oriental Trading company has fuzzy dice for 12 for $10...they are cute heart ones too.  I think that is a really cute favor.  I would love it but I'm into kitsch (sp).  By the way if you are trying to save money not so sure about cookies unless you do it yourself...we are thinking of buying cookies as a favor and it is way more expensive then I thought it would be.
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