Wine Favors!

My fiancee (a chef) and I were shocked to find out how affordable it is to make our own wine! While visiting a local wine/spriit shop, we found the start up complete kit for under $100.00. Then you buy the pre-mixed with directions "kits" for the type of wine you want (ranging in price from 30 bucks to over 100). 4 Weeks later - you have your wine. Now there is still fermenting time recommended and the cost of the bottles - but you can make a one of a kind favor to commemorate your special day. This works great for us since he is a "foodie" and into matching wine selections, and I am a graphic designer - so I get to play with the label and make it look good! All said and done, the total investment will be approximately $300.00 for us (startup equipment, two kits, 60 bottles, corks, corker, etc). From these two batches (one white - one red) we will get approximately 60-65 bottles of wine.

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    frekles:  just a word of advice to those considering this idea.  Be sure to check with your venue as many don't allow outside liquor to be brought in.  If they do, fine, but don't assume it's okay:  it's always better to ask first than get stuck with 100 bottles of wine.
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    I would also suggest doing a test batch or two first. It can be a trickier process than you might think to get everything right.
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