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My fiance is a mail carrier and I wanted to somehow tie this into the wedding . I wanted you know if anyone had an unique ideas for favors, guests sign in table etc.


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    A table-top-size mailbox as your card box? 

    You could package your favors in "shipping" boxes (Uline sells favor-size boxes in plain cardboard color) and put little address labels on them -- Mr. and Mrs. _________ in the upper left corner and the guests name in the center ... these could double as place cards.

    For the favors themselves, something edible or consumible usually works best ... not sure how that would work into a mail theme ... maybe sugar cookies cut and decorated to look like stamps?  Message hearts?  Dove chocolates (since they have a message inside the wrapper)?

    Collect postcards from your special places (where each of you were born, where you met, favorite vacation spot, honeymoon destination, etc.) and use them as the table numbers.

    We are going to set up a table where guests have the opportunity to write words of wisdom, encouragement, tips for marriage, etc. on pre-cut scrapbooking paper and put them into an antique-y looking wooden box.  You could do something similar with, again, postcards and/or a table-top mail box or a custom mail bag  (stamped/stenciled with "Mr. and Mrs. mail" instead of "US Mail" depending on how cutesy you want to get)

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    thanks for the ideas!
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    My mom's a postal worker too and we managed to scrounge up an antique large mail box where guests can put their cards. I love the idea of getting post cards or making a standard one and having your guests write words of wisdom. I'm sure you could also find little tin mail boxes and fill them with candy of something for the guests. Good luck!
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