DIY Bulk Flowers Online?

I am doing my own centerpieces with random bottles, mason jars and vases.  I am looking to buy the flowers in bulk online.  I have looked at two sites, and and I am wondering if anyone has had any experiences with these sites and if there is any advice to be given! Thanks!

Re: DIY Bulk Flowers Online?

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    I have never had any experiences with those sites but on this board a lot of brides will also recommend Costco or Sam's Club for ordering bulk flowers.

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    I recommend Sam's Club. They were much cheaper than 50 flowers and had the tulips I wanted. The flowers looked very sad and disappointing when I opened the box but they perked right up and were beautiful and full by the time we assembled bouquets.

    My only complaint is they forgot to include the fresh flower food that I thought was being sent with the flowers. I had to go to a few grocery stores before I found a floral department. Luckily, they were EXTREMELY nice and gave me like 40 packets of food for free. You can't buy that stuff anywhere, I checked! So have some on hand before they arrive. I bought 2 gal buckets at the dollar store to process them in and it worked splendidly for hydrating and transport. (Remember, you only need like 2" of water in each bucket, don't make them heavy or risk spilling).

    Bouquets were super easy to make. I used peonies and roses from my own gardens supplemented with the tulips we ordered from Sam's.

    ETA: Sorry, you were askign about centerpieces, but my rec still stands! Sorry for the bouquet tangent!

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    I bought 100 roses from for centerpieces I made for my mom's birthday party, and I was very happy with them.  I got 25 cream roses, and 75 red roses for $109, plus $40 shipping.  I followed the directions they came with (keep them in water/flower food as directed, not in sunlight, etc) and they perked up beautifully. Everyone complimented them all night and every one was taken home at the end of the night.
    One thing I learned-if you're not using any filler flowers or greens, the flowers will only yield you so much.  I got 5 centerpieces out of them, and I was thinking I might get more.  But since I did no filler flowers, I put approximately 20 roses in each small vase.  I got the vases at the dollar store, they were about 6 in tall.
    Another thing I learned?  No way in hell do I want to DIY my flowers for the wedding.  5 centerpieces was enough, I'm going to need at least 20 for the wedding, and I want something much bigger.  A professional can handle those.
    Good luck!
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