Purple Flowers for October. Options?

Trying to decide what to do for flowers.

First I need to know what flowers are good for October. 

We want purple and white flowers.

I want to do purple and white hydrangeas for our centerpieces 
Purple bouquets for our girls

Then I was thinking maybe we should do carnations or Dahlia's

I know nothing about flowers! I need help!

How many stems would I need?

Can anyone suggest anything else?
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Re: Purple Flowers for October. Options?

  • I have stock and anemone, they are gorgeous!! I dont recommend dying anything it always looks black and photographs terribly. I have seen purple flowers dyed and they looked awful. Fortunately these flowers come in my exact shade, good luck!
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  • For centerpieces you also have the options of Mums if you're using flowers for that.

    As for other flowers that come in purple:
    Astromeria's are very pretty (also known as Peruvian lillies I believe) and come in every color you can think of, so there might be multiple shades of purple available to you.
    Orchids, fresia and asters are also purple.

    If you're not familiar with any of these I think you can find them on the website here under the flower identification guide or use :-)

    Hope that helps!
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  • Dahlias, calla lilies, asters, orchids, alstromeria, privet berries, phlox, hydrangea.. You got a lot of choices...go visit a florist to get some ideas lined up... it's all good!
  • You can do lavender and white lisianthus, ranunculus, stock, carnations and, roses. I rhik tulips might be available, but unsure. Those aren't too expensive. You can also do calla lilies and orchids, but those are pricier. Number of stems just depend on how big you want it and what flowers you use. Especially for centerpieces, i would use voluminous flowers to take up space. For BM bouquets, i've been told about a dozen roses and a few more filler flowers. For your bouquet, it would be maybe two dozen roses plus other filler flowers. I've seen centerpieces with simply 1 or 2 hydrangea stems, and I've seen some that required 20+ stems. You can go more or less depending on what you want.

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