What's typical?

I'm starting to look into flowers, and am wondering what is typical for the mothers/sisters not in the wedding party, to wear? Pin-on flowers or wrist corsages? Or, something completely different?
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Re: What's typical?

  • Generally you ask them what they want. Some like a pin-on (usually moms, LOL), some like a wrist corsage. It often depends on the type of dress they are wearing, meaning a pin-on is hard with a strapless dress.

    This is a decision very late in the game, and they don't have to all have the same thing. Some moms like the small bouquets, called nosegays.
  • Ask them what they prefer.

    Some options that are available...
    pin-on corsage
    single flower
    flower accessory for a clutch purse (if they are carrying one)

  • My florist also mentioned a small bouquet like a few calla lillies tied together, which is apparently the trend now as opposed to a corsage.
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