anybody doing

tulip,peonies,dahilas or  orchids and gardenia for  bouquets.

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    es I am, here is a sample of my bouquet. I am an orchid fanatic

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    All of those flowers sound pretty. I will say that the gardenia scent might upset some people that can't deal well with strong flower scents. Also, keep in mind that you have several pricey stems there. The bouquet price might shock you if you have a smaller flower budget. Your profile says your wedding is September 30th? Tulips and peonies are spring flowers and will be unavailable to you. I'm not sure about gardenias but they may also be unavailable.
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    Almost any flower will be available year round if you're willing to pay for them to be imported.  I had imported peonies in November (and really the price wasn't that bad) combined with cymbidium orchids and roses.  

    Many tulip varieties are available year round (imported or grown in greenhouses).  I've even had luck forcing tulips to grow indoors at home in the fall and winter by following these instructions:

    The flower combos you have in mind sound gorgeous!  My only worry would be the gardenias, which tend to wilt/get brown spots quickly. 
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