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I'm getting married in March in Belfast, Ireland. This is a very tight budget, small wedding of 40 guests.  We are not having any flowers in the church, other than for the wedding party. I had my heart set on blue hydrangeas and white roses, but hydrangeas are not available over there that time of year (according to the florist). 

Is it tacky or weird or unsightly to mix silk hydrangeas with fresh white roses?

Our centerpieces were going to be medium fishbowls, filled with glass vase filler (with mini white lights mixed in, so the bowl looks aglow) and then topped with three hydrangea blooms (no roses). This will be set on top of a brushed silver plate.

The wedding party would have mostly white roses, with the bridal bouquet  being a mix of white roses and hydrangeas.

Let me know if you think it would be tacky to mix the roses with the hydrangeas.  Also if you know of a good silk floral supplier that makes realistic looking flowers, that would help too!



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    Silk hydrangeas are pretty good looking, but I am not so impressed with the idea of mixing fresh and silk together.. kinda weird. 

    however, Equador grows beautiful light blue hydrangeas year round and exports them allover the world,  They are also the biggest grower of roses in the world so i am wondering if you REALLY cannot get them in Belfast, and if not why not.  They have great shipping methods...

    I'm thinking you might quiz the florist a bit... or shop around.

    i think you would actually save money with the equadorian hydrangea... here they wholesale for about $2 each .. so even with high shipping and markup would be pretty reasonable... 
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    Silk mixed with fresh is a bad idea for 2 reasons:

    1) You will not be able to keep your bouquet as a keepsake

    2)It looks very odd, and I have not heard of any florist that would mix the two.

    When my oldest sister got married years ago, and she carried a silk bouquet, while the rest of the WP carried fresh.  It really looked awful because everyone could tell the flowers did not coordinate at all.

    If you really want the mixture, then have all silk bouquets made. 

    There are lots of good silk flower bouquets available online - just google silk weddng flowers.

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    No, I would not mix them.  I know fresh flowers seem more special and elegant, but in your case, there is a good reason for using silk flowers.
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    I do believe that if you find a good faux hydrangea it could work. But be aware that a really f=good hydrangea could cost you up to $20 a stem.  My theory has always been low cost silks look cheap and not realistic.
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