Alternatives instead of Baby's breath?

The look I am going for with my bouquet has been discribes as "wispy" and "delicate"
kind of like a bouquet a kid would pick of wild field flowers. I already have peonies or any other flower with a soft cabbage leaf look.

Does anyone have any suggestions of anything else I could possibly use OTHER then baby's breath?

Re: Alternatives instead of Baby's breath?

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    Maggie0829Maggie0829 member
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    Try Limonium or Wax flower.  Both will give you that wild flower look you want.  Not sure of your color scheme but Limonium comes in white, yellow or light/dark purple and Wax Flower comes in white and light or dark pink.  Wax flower can also come in yellow, orange, and other colors that are pre-dyed by the wholesaler, but the white and light or dark pink are its natural colors.

    Wax Flower


    Personally, Wax Flower has always been a favorite of mine!

    Hope this helps!

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    I agree with limonium and wax flower.  Wax flowers are my favorite filler flower!
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    AshRoussAshRouss member
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    Blue Misty is what I am using. it smells wonderful and has a nice purple hue.
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    Queen Anne's Lace, limonium (although it can smell bad sometimes), wax flower, heather, leptospermum, solidago, statice, monte casino aster, hypericum berries, etc. You can also use filler greenery like bupleurum, seeded eucalyptus, ferns (maiden hair, ming, etc.), many varieties of euphorbia.
      My favorites are Queen Anne's lace and wax flower. I also like the simplicity of using greens instead of filler- bupleurum and seeded eucalptus being my faves.
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