break-away toss bouquets?

I think they're called something like that anyway -- I came across the idea on another site and absolutely loved it, but have never seen it done. The idea is that the toss bouquet is made such that it comes apart into a bunch of smaller bouquets when you throw it so more people can catch part.

I really dislike the typical bouquet toss and if I do one at all it will be for "good luck" or something and open to anyone who wants to try to catch some pretty flowers. I thought the break-away idea sounded cool though -- or maybe just discretely remove a rubber band from around the stems before I toss? Has anyone ever seen this done or have any thoughts about it?

Re: break-away toss bouquets?

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    I have no idea what they're called, either, but I know what you mean lol. Anyway, I have never personally seen one go off properly. There has always been some problem with them not breaking apart properly. That's not to say it never goes right. I'm sure they have gone right sometimes. I would just make sure you look into it carefully.
    I know if it's not done properly, it comes off looking like a mistake. And I think if you dont' do it at a height, most of the flowers fall short and land with a thud.
    I suggest doing your research on how to do it properly, is all. Because when it is doen right, it can look pretty cool.

    Like, for instance, I've seen butterflies fly out of their box very nicely and look really cool... and I've seen the bride and groom open the box and the butterflies were dead. SO not fetch.
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    A friend of mine stood on a balcony and tossed a bouquet that just wasn't tied together, so almost all the girls caught an individual flower.
    Make sure you use a sturdy flower for this as well!
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    Super Cute! I'm a Florist (well, stay at home Mom currently :) ) I have made many of these! A florist can make/land-tie 3 or 4 small little bouquets ... then tie off together with simple ribbon... just pull before you toss! Chic and original!! Love it! Congrats!!
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    I think it's a super cute idea!  I had never heard of such a thing and googled after reading your post.  Here is what I found:

    I say go for it!
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