what is the point of the bouquet?

Jon & I are having a 15 minute tops ceremony, followed immediately by the reception.  I haven't been to many weddings, but the only thing the boquet seems to be good for is occupying the bride's hands while walking down the aisle.  We won't even have an aisle to walk down so I'm wondering if I even need to bother with a boquet.  Does anyone have any advice or suggestions/comments about this?  Thanks. :)

Re: what is the point of the bouquet?

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    shainarae714shainarae714 member
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    Since you may be adding people to your wedding party, you could have them hold a single bloom instead of a whole bouquet-- They'll have something to hold, but you'll save big money!
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    gaharvardgaharvard member
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    Hi. Bridal bouquets have a history going back as far as Greece. Fresh herbs were worn or carried to protect the bride from evil spirits.  Yu don't have to carry flowers if you don't wish to. I have seen brides carry a small family Bible or prayer book that has special meaning to them.  A small book of poetry that has special meaning for you and your fiance', anything like that would certainly work as well.

    It will give you something to do with your hands, though!.

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