Peonies in season in November...

my wedding is 11/7/09 and I love peonies. I saw a website that said that some of them were in season in November. Is this true?What about Ranaculus?TIA!
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Re: Peonies in season in November...

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    Hey, Peonies are not in season in November, at least not in the US. (Typical time is late spring/early summer) You can get them, but they will be more expensive, not as big as in season, and might have a weaker scent. You should be able to get ranaculus in November as well. Good luck!
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    I'm getting peonies for my girls and they are listed on a lot of websites as a winter weddng flower? They are beautiful!
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    I would ask your florist about them b/c they were out of season in July too, but my florist was able to get them last minute for me at no extra cost. She was surprised they were available too, but I actually saw some at the grocery store the week of my wedding. It doesn't hurt to ask.. otherwise, you can make roses look very similar if you use really large ones. HTH
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    I too Love Peonies. I'm getting married in October and we can't get them..... Well, we can, but we would have order at least 100 stems and order them from Holland and have them flown in. Ladies, we all know this would cost a fortune! I believe I would be able to buy a small country for that price. Oh well, there are plenty of other flowers out there that are just as pretty.I hope you are able to find exactly what you are looking for!
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