how to start shopping?

My wedding is July 2010, and finding a florist is the next thing that comes up on my checklist.  I don't know anything about flowers.  Is it possible to begin comparing products and pricing without knowing exactly what I'm looking for?  Also, should I wait until the bridesmaid dresses are ordered before I start looking for flowers, so that I have a picture to show possible florists? I think I know which ones we are going to get, but we haven't ordered them yet.  Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!
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    i think you still have plenty of time. For starting you should know your colors, and then begin checking on which flowers you can find in those colors. there are thousands of flower varieties, this choice I believe would depend on your budget and how many arrangements you actually need to make. If you are hiring a florist that would make this much easier, tough your flower choice may be more limited, as for which ones the florist can get. pictures can be agreat reference whrn you alreay know what look you are looking for
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    find some pictures you like... either of actual arrangements, or, a mood board.  bring them with you, and point out what you like and dislike - see what the florist recommends.  Ask whether she has any suggestions for alternatives.
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    You have time. Before you talk to any florist, set a floral budget and stick to it. Look at florist websites, magazines. Many people go in thinking they can have flowers done for $500. for everything and get sticker shock when talking to florists. Educate yourself about flowers and what season flowers grow in, that info will save you alot of money. Enjoy the time and congratulations.
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