floating candels with flowers

Hi, I am trying to be on the low budget end of doing the centre peices. I saw a picture of a large tall vase, filled with water and a few floating candels on top, then under the candels in the water was one flower submerged in the water. Could flowers live like this?have you done this or seen this before? Do you think it would end up being cheaper?

Re: floating candels with flowers

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    Flowers need water to stay fresh, and most flowers do fine under water for a day or two. After 2-3 days, they start to look murky or get mushy. The tricky part is to keep the flowers anchored to the bottom of the vase, to keep them from floating. Because you will use fewer blooms/flowers, and because you can buy a bag of floating candles pretty cheap, yes, it is usually cheaper than doing more elaborate floral arrangements for centerpieces. If you will be DIYing the centerpieces, I highly suggest you practice doing them, and how long they will last.
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