submerged flowers

Have any of you ladies DIY submerged centerpieces?? did you use real or fake flowers?? I'd like to do one with submerged hydrangeas and then another with submerged rose petals and was wondering if you had any pointers!!  thanks! :)

Re: submerged flowers

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    edited December 2011
    I have tried to do my own trial flowers of a fake submerged orchid.  It floated... I decided to try a real flower and it worked better.  I still didn't feel comfortable so I'm having a florist do the submerged flowers.

    (You can google some different instructions for it)

    Good luck!  I love submerged flowers!
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    lori1203lori1203 member
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    I am planning to do it and will prob use fake flowers. I love the look!
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