Tulips in August

Anyone else tryed getting tulips in August? I'm getting half and half answers! Some florists have given me a blatant no and some a unhesitated yes. I don't know what to think! I'm hoping to get them bulk somewhere anyway. Anybody have ideas?

Re: Tulips in August

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    Hi, I am thinking of doing tulips in late July! But I am a little hesitant because I am scared they will get droopy - they need a LOT of water! I think I will do them for my bouquets because those are wound so tightly - but for the centerpieces I am scared they will look droopy by the end of the night! I would love to hear some opinions on this too!
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    Because flowers are grown all over the world and shipped, it's possible to get flowers of almost any kind almost any time of year. So it may be possible to get tulips in July, but if your florist is saying no, it's for a reason, and you should take note. Probably because it's a hassle to get them, they may not be of good/fresh quality, of because she doesn't like working with them. Always ask your florist for suggestions. While I like tulips to look at, and they look so pretty in photos, I personally find them difficult to work with. If your florist thinks they're difficult also, then she may not be presenting you with her best work.
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    My florist told me that if it's hot, the tulips will open. So if you don't like the look of the open tulips and it's warm wherever your wedding is, be aware of that. If you'll be in cool areas in pictures, ceremony and reception you might be ok, or if you like the open tulip look.

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    Don't know if this is possible or not, but maybe doing the centerpeices with tulips under water would work. Use a large vase with just a few blossoms completely submerged. I've seen it done with irises and thought it was beautiful. But don't take my word for it - I'm pretty clueless about all this!
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    Tulips like cool weather to grow well so that rules out C. America and N. America you maybe get some from Chile. Do you really want to take that chance. It will cost a lot too.

    Have you though about Dahlias?
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    Just tried the submerged tulip idea and I think it'll work perfect! Great idea, Megan!
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