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Hey girls. I know flower costs depend on a ton of different factors but I was just wondering how much you spent or are spending with your florist? And what all did that include? I am preparing for a consultation for a florist and it seems so overwhelming to me! I'm just trying to get some background as to what you are doing.
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Re: Budget for Flowers

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    This is an international board and will be zero help with your budget- sorry! Ask your local board, yeah? They'll be much more help.
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    I hear ya!  I'm trying to figure out a general idea too
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    This is what I got for $640 (delivered & set up)  We used lavendar hydrangeas, coolwater roses, purple carnations and poppy pods:my bouquet + 3 BM bouquets (large)7 bouts and 3 corsagesa 3-foot-long altar piece (gorgeous)flowers to accent 8 floating candle centerpieces
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    How does one go about doing the DIY flowers?  From where did you purchase them? 

    For the person who wanted an idea of the pricing, it can get quite ridiculous.  Here is mine - 3300.  Yes, 3300.  I'm not paying that - that's just the proposal.

    14 roses for the cake - 75
    boutenniere - 8 each
    posey-sized BM bouquet - 35 each
    my bouquet - 145
    tall centerpieces in glass vases - 155 each
    small centerpieces in little vases - 65 each
    corsages for mothers - 25 each

    other stuff would be hard to explain (specific ceremony and reception decor) but hope the above helps. i would consider all of those things to be overpriced by the way but I'm not sure.  Just going based off of the quote of 75 dollars for 14 measly roses.
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