Fake or Real?

Fake or Real? What do you think? I want to DIY my flowers since I will only being using them for centerpieces and bouquets&boutinierres. So should I use real or fake? By the way, I've got a TIGHT budget. Thanks for any help!

Re: Fake or Real?

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    I really hate fake flowers so I say go with real. And I agree with pp, fake flowers can cost more than real flowers.
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    I vote fake, as long as you don't go with the really cheap ones. They make such amazing artificial flowers now...I've been to several weddings with fake flowers and had no clue they weren't real until I talked to the brides later on. I'm getting married in December, and that's what I'm doing. I got nice flowers that look extremely real - even feel real - for a screaming deal. I purchased enough roses to make my bouquet, four bridesmaids bouquets, two corsages, and seven boutonnieres for under $100. I'm not sure where you are posting from, but I purchased mine from a store called Hobby Lobby that often has 50% off all florals, so it's a great deal. Plus, you can do it well in advance, so you can check it off your list and not have to worry about it RIGHT before the wedding when you will have a million things on your mind. Just my two cents. :-)
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    fake flowers always look like fake flowers. go real!
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    im on a TIGHT budget also, i am doing fake flowers, my mom had them also for her wedding 24 years ago. she said she was super happy with them because it was cheaper and she got to keep her flowers!! you cant keep real flowers so you spend money on something that will die. then all the girls can keep their flowers also. i am only doing bouquets and boutinierres and flower girl baskets, you just have to find the right flowers but shop around and save coupons, stores alway have good deals on silk flowers!!good luck! another plus is if you want flowers that will be out of season they wont cost an arm and a leg to have shipped in!!
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    I am also on a tight budget, but I have heard of some wholesale flower websites from other brides on the Knot that have used them. They have big packs of flowers for not a lot of money and most of them ship to you for free. One that Ive been looking at and talking to the people that work there is ROSESOURCE.COM. They also have a new section called low budget wedding packages for instince one pack has 200 roses and 6000 rose petals in the colors you want for $289.99 or 100 roses and 100 gerber daises for any color you want for $224.99. They also give you 10% off your purchase price and since Im ordering my flowers from them this month for my wedding next september im getting 6000 rose petals for free. They also have packages called WEDDING IN A BOX, that for a set price they make your bouquets, centerpieces, toss bouquet, bouts, corsages and you can rose petals. And they will customize it to give you the flowers and colors you want. Another site you could check out is FLOWEREXCHANGE.COM they have bulk flower packs for really cheap too. Just another idea for you! Good luck!! Wedding Countdown Ticker image 108 Invited! image 85 Are ready to party!
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    Thank you for your posts! I think the idea of having fake flowers is good..but I also want real. I think I'm going to buy bulk real flowers for centerpieces and make fake ones for the bouquets and boutinierres! Thanks for your ideas!
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    I personally prefer to use fresh flowers for weddings and funerals if at all possible, because of certain spiritual beliefs. (Of course I don't expect others to believe as I do.) For my daughter's wedding, we used fresh flowers for the WP and altar, because they were for people, and for God and to celebrate a special, holy occasion. Yet we used silk flowers for the reception tables because they were purely for decoration, for a party. If you want the wedding flowers for purely decorative purposes, and don't have strong feelings about the meaning/sentiment behind them, then aritficial flowers are a very practical way to save time, money, and stress. Artificial can be made ahead of time, and if you don't like them, they can be taken apart and redone. You can watch for the seasonal sales at craft stores and get decent looking flowers at a fraction of the cost. (We got some at 70-90% off!). You can get affordable fresh flowers also. Just pick some colors and see what flowers will be easily available and inexpensive at the time of your wedding. You can often buy flowers cheaper by buying in bulk from Sam's, Costco, or on line. If you keep it very simple, have some help, and a cool room/place to store the flowers, you could possibly do all the flowers the day before in a few hours time.
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    I am doing fake. Hobby Lobby was having a big 50% off their floral, so I went for it. I wasn't planning on DIY-ing my flowers, but the budget said otherwise! So, I'm "making it work," as my hero Tim Gunn would say!

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    I'm using fake flowers. I just ordered a ton of pre-made bouquets from (pic in siggy and more in bio). For the BM's I'm using them as-is and adding ribbon, for my bouquet I'm combining two of them along with some crystal sprays, and then I'm tearing the rest apart for use in centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages, and other decor. $250 total cost for all the flowers fpr the ceremonty and reception(free shipping, no taxes). This is my 2nd marriage and I used silk for the 1st wedding also, nobody could tell they were fake and I'm hoping that will hold true for me again. With fakes you have all the time in the world to make the arrangements, you get to keep them afterwards, and they are cheaper than real flowers. It is work though, if you don't know how to arrange flowers, it can be time-consuming and might not turn out as expected (that goes for arranging real flowers too).
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    I am looking to find out which online vendors have the best quality best priced silk or real touch flowers. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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