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So I don't know what kind of flowers to use!! I love the look of tightly wrapped roses but Im not really sure what color to have. I love the look of a rich red rose but my wedding colors are lavender and sage green. Should I do white? Or get purple roses? Id love to hear some ideas!!

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    Have you seen a tea green rose? I decided to have them in mine. My colors were burgundy and ivory. I went with all color in my bouquet. Check out the tea green roses. They could be an accent with the purple.
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    You can get lavender/purple roses or white ones either one. Either, or both would look great. I've even seen green roses, or green and pink roses. All you have to do is pick what color you want for your bouquet(s). What color are the BM dresses? I personally like the flowers to contrast a little with the dresses. If they are the same color, they kind of blend together in the photos.
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