I am getting married March 27 and I just went to see a florist that was included in my package deal and it was the worst experience. It was mostly a candy store and we had to stand at a counter for an hour discusiing flowers, the womans daug she was hungry( mind u she was prob 20), alsothey had a baby behind the counter crying of course. It was the smallest place I have ever been too. My fiance was bumped into a hundred times by little kids wanting to look at the candy also at the counter. I have two children of my own so it's not like I hate kids but give me a break I would have assumed we woud have been sitting at a table discussing my wedding!!!

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    is there a way you can get a different florist or are you stuck with that one?? i would have been so upset adn i know my fiance would have just walked out and said we dont need flowers..and i have a 17month so neither of us have problems with kids either. sorry it was such a bad experience.
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    Yes, I'd also suggest going with a different florist if at all possible. If you are stuck with this florist, ask for a time when she is not so busy, where you can sit down and discuss details, for meetings that have to be done in person. Otherwise, reduce the number of meetings that have to take place in person. Most of the issues can be dealt with by e-mail, other than an initial consultation, and one to finalize details later on.
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