flowers to go with purple callas?

does anyone have any good ideas of which flowers i can use alongside purple and ivory calla lilies? i'm having ivory calla tied with purple ribbon as my bouquet, and my bridesmides are having purple callas. i'm probably going to have purple callas simply arranged as my table centre pieces, but i'd also like so add in some different flowers for the ceremony and reception arrangements (to stop it looking too samey). which flowers would tie into the colour scheme and remain simple and elegant?thanks! laura xx

Re: flowers to go with purple callas?

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    I think that yellow is a good color that will complement the purple well. There are tons of yellow flowers- dahlias, tulips, lilies, etc...
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    So I take it that ivory and purple are your color scheme? Is that a light purple/lavender, medium purple, or a deep eggplant purple? I do a lot of altar flower arrangements for our church, and purple is one of my favorite colors to work with, because it goes so well with almost any other color. I just love all the possible combinations. If you are using a darker purple, and want warm tones, with lots of color, like for an Autumn wedding, I'd suggest assorted accent colors in deep red, magenta, assorted shades of purple, rust, burnt orange, coral, amber, and soft yellow. Any one, or all of those colors. If you are using lighter shades of purple, maybe some assorted soft pinks and/or corals, and/or a pale peachy/pink blush color. If you are doing a medium tone purple color, I like deep pink/rose color, and or some coral/peach shades. If you want something trendy, green flowers with purple looks pretty cool, and still keeps the simple, elegant feel of the callas. Like orchids, hydrangeas, or roses would be nice with the callas. I've also see the lighter green flowers in carnations and gladiolas, and bright, lime green in pom pom daisies.
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    Hi, sorry it's taken me so long to message back (been crazily busy at work!)

    I'm going for a rich, deep grape colour purple- I like the idea of some softer greens to go with it, to provide some contrast and freshen it up a bit.  Thanks for some great ideas! xx
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