Hey.I never saw this before but like the idea of having for the center pieces - individual bouquets as the center pieces. Just not sure how it would look without looking cheap.Any suggestions?Thanks,Le

Re: Centerpieces

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    I think it can look really cute, but you should keep the size of the table in mind when you're thinking of what size bouquets to use. Large round tables should get wide (not necessarily tall) bouquets. And adding candles and trinkets to the table would look better than just the flowers

    I also think that a mix of types of flowers is adorable, if you're going for a "garden bouquet" look (or even a formal look, depending on the types and colors of flowers you use!). If you're going for a modern look, flowers like calas, gladiolas or some of the tropicals would look sweet. A more informal wedding could use daisies- the little white ones are probably the cutest thing on earth :)
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