Candles as Centerpieces

We are on a budget so the florist has suggested decorating half of the tables with candles as the centerpieces with varying heights. They would be long rectangular tables. Has anyone ever done this before/have any pictures? Thanks!

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    For one wedding, we used slate runners  with ivory candles interspersed with backyard flowers in flower picks.  The bride selected peonies as these were in season at the time.  The bright pink against the gray stone and white candles was very elegant.

    She had borrowed the long tables and linens from her church
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    My sister did the same thing to reduce her flower costs.  It added a nice glow to her reception room and it also broke up the monotony of all flowers.  Since your will be on a rectangular table i would have the various height candles be scattered down the middle of the table and not just clumped in the center.  Also, if you did want a touch of flowers your florist could scatter petals around the candles.

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    Candles are a great idea, and can definitely be a cost saver! We actually used pillar candles in lanterns as centerpieces, and accented with rose petals.

    We also used mini lanterns (with personalized ribbons) that we let the guests take home, as well as mini votives. When the sun went down, the candlelight was beautiful. After the wedding, we took the lanterns home and have them decorating our fireplace.

    Hope that helps!
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    I love orchids, cherry blossoms, and tulips submerged in water.  You only need a stem or two in each vase.  Fill them with water and add a flora light or floating candle to the tops of them.

    So pretty in every color
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