Submerged Flowers

For my centerpieces, I'm planning on having a cylinder vase with river rocks and a submerged purple gerber daisy. Does anyone know how long a real flower can last under water? Or should it be fake? Thanks!!!!

Re: Submerged Flowers

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    I thivk it depends on the flower. I heard that calla lillies are great for being submerged but I've never heard that for daisies
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    If it was just the stems in the vase, you should generally plan on changing the water every 3 days.  So a submerged flower should last at least a day or two. 

    Why don't you pick up a small bunch of gerbers at the grocery store to practice with, and make a note on how long they last.  Sometimes the flowers tend to not stay anchored and float to the top. 
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    Good call. I'll try it out this weekend! Thanks!
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    I'm curious, what did you find? How long did they last, and did they float?
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